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Does Juicing Work

Does Juicing really work? What’s all the hype behind it? While some foods used for juicing are better than others, there are definitely huge health benefits associated with juicing. Watch below as I explain why people with diseases from cancer to obesity have seen dramatic benefits with this practice.

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Thanks for the feedback Marc! Glad you are taking your health seriously ;)

I totally believe in juicing! Especially since Dr. Gerson had so much success with it. And…just finished watching FoodMatters and I’m convinced juicing is a great way to get a good amount of vitamins from raw foods. Thanks for sharing!

Great info Freddy! Yes, Dr. Gerson is a great example of how people can be healed through juicing. I am about to watch FoodMatters myself and I am sure it will be everything I have hoped for. Appreciate your input buddy!

Thanks again for the FoodMatters recommendation. I now am promoting it on my site! Great information bro.

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