Food Matters - 20% Off Official Launch!

The time has come. I am honestly fed up with where our country is heading. Record numbers of obese children. The first generation to actually have a shorter life span than its parents. Record debt. Record loss of resources. It goes without saying that we are overindulging CONSUMERS!

Therefore, I have decided to speak up and do something about it. I hope you will join me.

Below is my launch video which will briefly explain the purpose of my site – without really doing it much justice :)

Anyway, the bottom line is that I am on a mission to create a healthcare mindset that will end the madness. It will destroy our current healthcare (sorry, I mean sickcare) system. It will encourage all of us to play our part in changing our current path of destruction. I hope you will join me on this journey. I need your help.

From here on out, I will use my knowledge of supplements and experimentation to educate people on how to avoid ever getting sick. Period.

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Looking forward to this! :)

You mentioned the flu shot. Since having the flu shot several years ago I am often ill with flu like symptoms that last a day or two. I like your site and will continue to follow you b/c I know you’re the real deal :)


Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate your support. And yes, do not miss Monday’s episode. I am going to explain if you should or should not get the flu shot. Good stuff!

I’ve been sending your link out to everyone in my office. We’re looking forward to the Whole Body Cleanse. I’ll keep you updated.

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